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Monthly Archive: December 2015

End of 2015 Greeting

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Day and we’re looking for slightly cooler temperatures in my part of Western Australia, although they are destined to soar towards New Year.

Already I am looking ahead, into my 2016 writing future. I know that many people feel that having more than one work in progress is perhaps not a good thing, but I have begun three new projects and I am writing them simultaneously with no particular stress building up.

One of them is a short story on the theme of the emergence of a hero from unlikely material and his first victory over an enemy. This is already directed towards an anthology of hero stories; that is, if the editor gives it the thumbs up.

The other two projects are: first, the ongoing third novel in the “Circe” series where the evil force which has attached itself to the pirate planet Lantora begins to move towards Circe and First Home. In this book the arch-enemies Lewis Brock (my main male character) and Darland Courvenier (my charismatic villain) are forced into a reluctant alliance for the sake of survival, while Tethyn (my main female character) grows in power.

Then there is a novella which is building itself nicely around the idea of alien interest in the planet earth and its humans. This is what some people would call a ‘trope’ but what I call an almost archetypal theme and one which may offer some lines for humans to follow into a possible future. At least I hope the finished book will give people some grounds for thought. Sherri S.Tepper dealt with the same idea in her masterful and humorous 2000 novel “The Fresco”.

I began writing on this theme in 2012, in my first two sci-fi books. Because they were my first novels, and because they brought nothing but agents’ rejections, I decided not to epublish them but to rewrite them, and one day they will be published on line – perhaps in 2016. Meanwhile, the novella will carry the theme a little further.

One further project in 2016 is to arrange for print on demand versions of my three books. I would like to hold them in my hands; I would like to see them as real books, and I would like to take photographs of them to use in my marketing.

We’re entering the phase of the great story which involves the three visitors and here they are, from down-under. Then here are my favourite teasers for each of my on line books. I’ll include their links : http://geni.us/p1w2   http://geni.us/m1o2p    http:/geni.us/T1T2WoD.

The final thing is for me to wish everyone all the very best for the Festive Season and warmest wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

Judith Rook Books's photo.Judith Rook Books's photo.Judith Rook Books's photo.Judith Rook Books's photo.



This week I was really pleased  to receive the cover for “Hell’s Grannies”, an anthology of stories about aging women, some of whom are ladies, some of whom are not, but all of whom are in their own way determined that getting old will not get them down.  The editor, April Grey writes:

“Aging is not for the faint-hearted, yet there is little choice in the matter. You can take good care of your health, your finances, your loved ones and still life will throw a curve ball.

“In this anthology you will find tales of courage, of women who rise to the challenges of time in many different ways.

“Some stories are of women aging gracefully but their tales are still kickass because they have a lot to overcome. Other stories are humorous, because if you can’t age gracefully, then by all means age disgracefully.

“And there are a couple of very dark tales as well. I think you will delight in them as much as I do.”

I have a story in the anthology.  Called “Watchers of Old” it was inspired by the idea of the three Fates of classical Roman and Greek mythology.  I wondered how such strange, archetypal figures would appear in a simple contemporary social setting and wrote the story in answer.   I had been working on this theme earlier in the year – in September – but nothing really came fully together until late in October.   The release date is December 23rd this year and it will be out as an ebook and also a paperback.




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