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The Five most influential Indie Author Advocates on Twitter

I tend to suffer from FOMO (the fear of missing out), so when I come across a site or blog that seems to throw useful light on the business of book promoting, I save it in my bookmarks.  This results in huge lists of sources which I never find time to consult, so periodically I clear them all out – and start again, of course.

You get the idea.

This is a labyrinth in England.  You get the idea.

What I need, I have decided, is a broader perspective on the available sources about the huge area of independent book publishing, so when I learned about the following list, I asked permission to feature it as a guest post because it provides some excellent shortcuts through the information maze.  Here it is.


If you’re an indie author – or planning to self-publish a book – follow these people to get insider tips and useful advice.

  1. Mark Coker @markcoker

Founder of Smashwords the giant ebook distributing company, Mark Coker has access to data and publishing trends. Although he doesn’t tweet much and rarely interacts with followers, his insider information is gold for indie authors.


  1. Rayne Hall @raynehall

Author of the bestselling Writer’s Craft guide and pubishing strategist, Rayne Hall tweets frequently about writing and publishing. Watch for her #writetip and #indiepubtip memes. Rayne interacts with followers and answers publishing-related questions.


  1. Joanna Penn @thecreativepenn

A marketing expert for indie publishers, Joanna Penn tweets many links to useful articles and blog posts. She engages in brief exchanges with followers.


  1. Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman

Author and publishing adviser,  Jane Friedman regularly posts links to publishing-related web posts. She often replies to tweets from her followers.


  1. Joel Friedlander @JFbookman

Provider of ready-formatted templates for books, Joel Friedlander tweets mostly links to posts about indie publishing. He doesn’t interact much.


Which other important indie publishing advocates do you follow? Post your recommendations in the Comments section.


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