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I have joined a comparatively new group on Facebook.  It is called “Science Fantasy Society” https://www.facebook.com/groups/SciFanSociety/ and as yet it has not decided on its identifying logo.  However, I think it will suit me and my writing rather well, so I put in a little more effort than usual to my introductory message, and here it is.


I started off writing what I intended to be space opera, but I could not seem to manage the empire/huge centralised government aspect, and the power/militaristic theme that goes with it.  Instead, I found myself developing a fantasy theme concerning a sentient planet.

Is a sentient planet possible?  In one way, no; but on the other hand, it can be argued that our Earth already possesses a type of sentience, although perhaps not an awareness of individuality, which my thinking planet (whose name is “Circe”) possesses in spades.

However, I believe that the concept of a sentient planet places my some of my writing in the Science Fantasy genre, so here I am, a new member of this emerging group, looking forward to some interesting discussions around our particular brand of speculative fiction.

I have indie-published two novels in the “Circe” series (“Planet Woman” http://geni.us/p1w2   and “Man of Two Planets” http://geni.us/m1o2p ) and the third is a work-in-progress.   I have also written one (nearly two) more clearly sci-fi works which I won’t mention here.

Earlier in 2016 I turned to a bit of writing for young adults, and produced the novella “First Steps for a Hero” http://geni.us/Hero2  which takes the fact of the multiverse as its basic premise.  This moves slightly nearer science fiction, although there is still an element of: “fantasy rationalized by reference to science-fictional conventions” (quoting Wikipedia).  Therefore, I feel that I can mention this and its follow-on novel (another WiP) in this group.

The simple act of writing this post has motivated me to return to the YA novel, which has been on my ‘pending’ shelf for a little too long.


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