Judith Rook  (with Alison Dere)

Resistance may be a Good Thing



I spent part of today attending a free webinar on the subject of Pinterest.  The webinar was very well constructed and presented, and of course, after the statutory 35 minutes of relevant content, the remainder of the hour was devoted to selling a seven-part course – about Pinterest.   I hadn’t expected anything less.

Since I bought my first participation in a similar course in the past, I have grown in experience. I understand now much more about what can be done in the vast world of the internet, I have become more proficient at using it, and I know more about online courses.

I came away in my usual post-webinar condition; slightly bewildered, slightly shaken, slightly depressed, and needing a cup of tea.  Certainly, I was not able to make a decision about whether the rather large amount of money would be worth what I might gain from participation in the course.  I needed time for reflection. The trouble was that in order to benefit from sizable bonuses of content, we were given 15 minutes only to sign up to the whole course.

The outcome is that I won’t be taking this particular course, although the content might have been very helpful.  I’ll wait until I see it offered again.  But here comes that old FOMO feeling.  Have I decided correctly?

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