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A slightly unusual Facebook Event



“Planet Woman” – Book 1 in the “Circe” Series   http://geni.us/p1w2

I don’t feature much now on author takeovers because I’m hopeless at making up games and other activities, and I feel that offering give-aways reduces the worth of what I want to promote.  However, I do attend such events and find a lot of interest in the conversations, although I rarely play any of the games.

However, I am taking part in the “Ides of March – Essentia” event on March 15th, because it is based around characters – not authors.   Here is the link to where it will be happening:    https://www.facebook.com/events/1842866815961224/1856439211270651

Each participant has to select a character from one of their books to be the focus for the hour-long slot, with the author becoming the character.  I like the idea, probably because my writing tends to be character driven.

The event organiser, Tom Fallwell, writes:

“The essentia of any good fantasy or science-fiction story requires a believable character that the reader can relate to. It is our intent to bring to life, for you, the characters from such stories created by Indie Authors, so you can get to know them. If you find a character you love, then read the book and you may just have a new favorite author.”


The character who will be appearing on my slot is the villain (see the pic.) of my “Circe” series – a story arc based on a sentient planet and the humans who live with her.   But I’m not at all sure how well I’ll be able to step into his shoes and represent him, although I’m the one who has brought him out.  Anyway, it’s an intriguing situation.


All the authors who will feature their characters are introducing them briefly on the site.  We have two introductions already up, and mine will appear on February 25th, so please go and have a look.

I hope that the introductions will be interesting enough for you to put your name onto the “Going” list and then set some time aside on March 15th to have a look at what’s happening on the character takeover.

On March 15th, my character will be appearing at 6.00 pm EST, which is 8.00 am Western Australian time.



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