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Monthly Archive: June 2017

A Special Campaign



Earlier in June I joined a limited membership Facebook group created by Lucinda Hawks Moebius.   She set it up almost, I think, as an experiment.   An experiment to see how a small group of writers may be able to really help each other in the hard and demanding world of ebook development and marketing, given a system and schedule for such support.

The group is titled:  30 Authors 30 Days Promotion and Writing Challenge.  Its major aims are:

(1)   To create interactive posts across social media platforms;

(2)   To cross promote each other;

(3)   To work in small groups to develop effective promotions.

(4)   To keep in good health.

(5)   While doing all the above, to keep writing – most important.

Preparation posts are flowing fast from the desk of our respected leader, but one strong theme runs through them all:  we must leave our accustomed zones of comfort and embrace the new and, possibly, the scary.

In fact, I think the first Lucinda post I spotted was of the lady herself, with a video message posted on Facebook.  I did not realise that one can do that, but now I do, and it is a group requirement that we should all post at least one personal video message on Facebook during the thirty days of the Challenge.  So our Facebook friends can expect a stream of interesting faces on their respective timelines, hopefully exploring interesting ideas.

There are other requirements expected of us during the campaign, and my impression is, that through organisation and system, we will become thirty authors able to make their way effectively in the world of electronic publishing.

For me, this will be something of a paradigm shift, and increasingly I realise the necessity and deep value of good leadership.   We’re already getting that.  Before the main campaign begins, our leader set us going on individual HeadTalker campaigns, promoting the books which will be the focus of our activities during July.  I had joined HeadTalker at the beginning of this year but had never run a promotion campaign, which just about sums me up.

However, things are changing, and even at this early stage, I would like to thank Lucinda for motivating thirty writers to get up off their fundaments and stir themselves into activity.  Yee-Haw!  Nearly ready to move out!



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