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Why Say Anything? 


I saw yet another Facebook post declaring that a person would not read a certain book with a particular content.

I am the first to respect opinions, beliefs and tastes held by someone else.  I don’t even forgive those of my family and close acquaintance who say my books are not their cup of tea and why don’t I write a good thriller?  I don’t need to forgive, nor even to excuse, them.  I like and love those people, although I know I will never meet them at a SciFi convention.

I used to visit book shops frequently, when they still existed in the small city where I live.  I would browse the shelves with enjoyment, following the sequence: random page skim (for writing style); cover inspection (for visual hooks); blurb read (for content hooks).

The browsing could take me to twenty or thirty books, but I would leave with only one, perhaps two.

A book that did not survive the selection process was quietly returned to the shelves, rejected by me, but perhaps bought the next day by someone else.

It never occurred to me, or to other people in the shop to throw a book to the floor and loudly announce to all and sundry we would not read it.

Why do people on Facebook, in effect, do exactly that when they post they will not read a particular book?  I have seen this type of comment a number of times.

Would it not be better simply to pass on the book and to say nothing?


  1. Robbie Cheadle

    I agree with you completely, Judith. We all have our own tastes and that is what makes us individuals. I subscribe to the “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” principle. I know that my Mom doesn’t like the books I love – I like books about people’s lives and she likes thrillers and Scifi’s.

    1. JudithRook (Post author)

      Thank you, Robbie. Sometimes I think I’m on my own here, and I really appreciate your commment.


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