Judith Rook  (with Alison Dere)

Work In Progress: A Colony

I am a good way into my latest novel (70,000 words ≅).  The storyline deals with the setting up of a colony of humans from Earth on a viable exoplanet and the problems the colony director in particular has to cope with, including meeting two new alien species and dealing with Earth-based corporate power.

I have bitten a bullet and cast the director as a man with psychic capabilities. I imagine this will call down scorn from certain people, but hard lines. Julian May did the same thing in her “Galactic Milieu’ series. May died last year, but she left a remarkable body of work, some of which I expect will take her into the ranks of the ‘late great’ SciFi writers.

The working title of my novel is “Colonist”, which operates at more than one level. Oddly enough, no-one has used “Colonist” as a title. There are one or two “The Colonist” or “The Colonists”. I would have thought the title would have been over-used and I would have had to change it, but it could be that “Colonist” will remain as the title of the finished product.

More to come on this.

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  1. Robbie Cheadle

    This sounds like a great topic for a book. I like the title too.


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