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About Judith Rook

General Background



Judith Rook was born and brought up in the UK, emigrating to Western Australia as a young woman as part of a general family movement.

After taking a degree in Music and English at the University of Western Australia, Judith worked in Western Australia as a music teacher in State high schools, as a music critic for major Australian newspapers and as a professional mentor for beginning teachers.

Judith’s early imaginative writing (poetry as well as prose) was done in old accountants’ ledgers which had blank sheets interleaved with the ruled pages. All the pages were used and stories were about the lives and objects around her.  There were also stories about things half-seen, things belonging to other places.  Then her adult life began and her imagination went underground for many years.

In 2013 Judith began writing again, mainly in her favourite reading genre, Science Fiction. Three novels and one novella have been self-published and there are four more being worked on. One day Judith would like to branch out and try her hand at thrillers or crime stories.


Early Surrounding Influences

These are images of the village where I lived in the years when I began to write, in my early adolescence.   It is the village of East Morton in West Yorkshire in the UK.

The Village Main Road

Although not so steep as Haworth, of greater fame, East Morton is a hill village and tends to go up and down.


east-morton-memorial-institute-and-post-office-46419  alma-terrace-near-east-morton-46457


These are what the land looks like around the village.  The lower one shows a Neolithic stone circle.

valley-of-loadpit-beck-46475   bradup-stone-circle-47107

Going to School

In my final two years of primary school I walked, usually alone, one-and-a-half miles along this lane between my home and school.  My father’s car was used for his business and he always set off early.  The thought of assault never entered our minds.  I spent my walking time observing and thinking.



I was born and spent my early years in an even smaller village not very far away from East Morton. This is a picture of an earthfast stone in the old woodland around that village.  It is marked with Neolithic/Bronze Age petroglyphs (top left-hand face).  I often sat on this stone without knowing what it was.



  1. Mary Carter

    Judith, I am contacting you here to say my hear felt thanks for your much appreciated and detailed review of my young adult book Breathless on amazon books. I wasn’t sure how best to contact you but thought I’d google you and found your blog.
    Many thanks Judith, it really means a lot.
    Kind Regards
    Mary Carter

  2. Jerold H. Tabbott

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog rulestobebroken.com . I will add a link to your and Lucinda’s site. BTW – noted your connection to Australia, and I use a small desert town in Western Australia in my sequel to PRELUDE. I’d mention the name here, but danger if I could spell it without cranking up my computer and checking my notes – Naga…………………..!

    I place a self contained “Ark” (a processing center for volunteers willing to accept exile from Earth) within view of the town. Those in the Ark are forbidden to visit the town, and so refer to it as “No-Go” for short.

  3. Judith Rook

    There are indeed some good names in Western Australia. Did you choose the name to be used in your sequel for a particular reason, or just because it was there?


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